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GanjaMan has a new avatar. 16/06/2019

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Sniffen15 replied to the topic 'New website design' in the forum. 25/04/2018

We are living in the interconnected world. The world which is connected by the internet so one must utilize this power to spread the business. We too have launched new day care center and to make it popular in our city we would like to have a Child Care Website Design ready. I wonder if you have suggestions for an expert team!


sT0n3r shared a video in group. 28/03/2018

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project...

Peek into the future of real-time computer graphics with “Reflections,” the first demonstration of real-time raytracing in Unreal Engine 4 using...

TiNMaN created a new topic ' Fortnite players unite' in the forum. 17/03/2018

get ya arses on fortnite plebs


website is back online .. updates are on the way

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sT0n3r created a new topic ' Remove the new ads on twitch' in the forum. 28/09/2017

I know twitch must make money, but forcing these new ads every-time you watch a stream is beyond a joke, It seems has gone down the route of injecting there ads into the html player, in doing so they made it get pass ublock origin + adblock ect so you now have to use Twitch 5 addon, this does remove all current ads and also is a lot faster and uses less ram , win win

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